Amanda A
Bethany has such a desire to help! From her thoughtful questions before we began to her careful work in the areas where I have pain, Bethany showed a true dedication to trying to help me feel better. She worked so hard to understand what was causing my pain and to try to get out those knots. I feel so much better!
Terri F
Not Just Massages Whole body approach to overall health. First visit uncovered and addressed what many healthcare providers view as individual symptoms which they address individually. Bethany saw the connection of the total picture and addressed that with me. Just one small change and go back in a month. Excited to have a partner in health and wellness from the inside out.
Angela B
The best! Bethany is the best! I see her every 2 weeks and always feel so much better after. She really cares and takes the time to get to know you. I highly recommend BethanyHealth and Wellness!
Judy O
Real Therapy Bethany knows 'her stuff' and has amazing sensitivity and strength in her massages. working with her on a weekly basis, I have also learned new stretching techniques as well as some strengthening exercises appropriate to my age and body weaknesses. She will work with you and if you work with her, you will learn much more about your amazing body and how to care for it.
Terri M
So Awesome!!! I've been to A LOT of massage therapists, but not a single one has been as good & thorough as Bethany. She is just so knowledgeable & effective with her work. She is the BEST!
Susan V
Bethany This woman is incredible! Her massage skill and technique are so beyond what I was accustomed to...she is the best! Bethany is also very personable, caring and giving. I highly recommend her!!
Laura A
Excellent massage Review of Taylor Murphy I have been seeing Taylor monthly since November and have had a great experience. My back, neck, and shoulders have greatly improved in flexibly and feel better after each massage. Thank you Taylor for top-notch service.
fabulous as always Sarah is masterful at working out all the tightness throughout. She also provides excellent feedback on ways to help maintain a healthy body.
Judy O
A lot of therapy in the massage It is wonderful to have a massage therapist who can not only find what is wrong and relieve the tension or tightness but also be able to explain exactly what is going on as well. I will be seeking more frequent massages from Bethany to help resolve tight muscles resulting from an accident. As we get older, therapeutic massage is not so much for feeling good as helping to keep us well and aligned.
induction massage Bethany was so helpful in giving me information to try to help me to go into labor. The massage felt heavenly and Bethany is well schooled in giving an induction massage. I would highly recommend her!
Lynn W
90 minute massage 90 minute massage The best I have ever had hands-down.
Mary Alice M
Post Massage I had a great massage with Bethany. It was amazing. I felt so relaxed afterwards. I used a gift certificate I had purchased at fundraiser. After my appointment I scheduled my next one! Thanks Bethany.
Anne M
"smile" As good as always!
Megan B
Best massage I loved my deep tissue, therapeutic massage. I didn't realize I had so many knots, Bethany did an amazing job reliving muscle tension. I can't wait to go back.
Massage w/ Sarah Sarah is awesome! Her technique does wonders to get rid of soreness/tightness.
Lisa A
Thank you Thanks for the awesome treatment Bethany. As always feeling great!
Lisa A
Thank you! Hi, Thanks for the loving care yesterday. You are always appreciated. I am a bit sore where we did the cupping. Using arnica, and st. john's wort tincture. Did gentle stretching. Did get a touch of bruising. Will keep you posted if anything changes. Otherwise feeling good.
Lisa A
Thank you! Thanks for the awesome massage. Feeling great as always.
Lisa A
Thank you! I am feeling good and think that our floor work was good for my problems. Side and hip feeling good.
Lisa A
Thank you! Thanks Bethany you are always appreciated.
Lisa A
Thank you! As always a great massage. Thanks, I will be in touch about crafting.
Lisa A
Thank you! Thanks for the special attention Bethany. Feeling Great!!! Have fun on your trip. Lisa
Lisa A
Thank you! Bethany awesome massage! Feeling great! Thanks for the love!!
Lisa A
Thank you! Feeling great after my massage. We need to talk more about that thing you did to my hips, and how I can help myself. Thanks. Happy Birthing Day!
Lisa A
Thank you! Hi Bethany, Feeling good. That was quite a work out on the legs and hips. Skipped my walk yesterday, but back to it today. Got myself a foam roller, I think it will take getting used to. Will keep you posted on the extraction. Enjoy the sunshine. Thanks, Lisa
Lisa A
Thank you! As always thanks for the great massage!!!! I am so grateful for everything you help me with!!!Please stop by anytime, love to see you.
Lisa A
Thank you! Was a wonderful massage thanks Bethany!
Lisa A
Thank you! Thanks Bethany feeling good. Looking forward to next time. lisa
Lisa A
Thank you! Thanks Bethany for everything. A bit sore today, but grateful for your caring touch. I appreciate you. Lisa
Lisa A
Thank you! I am grateful for the care and concern you showed me at our first meeting. I appreciate you and look forward to our next appointment. Thanks, Lisa
Lisa A
Thank you! Feeling good! Glad to have a relaxing massage and therapy session.
Lisa A
Thank you! Feeling a bit sore after our time together. But know it is worth it. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
Lisa A
Thank you! Review of Bethany Simons Thanks for everything Bethany! I have a lot to think about. Looked up some yoga stretches for the erector muscle and got right to them. Hope to get relief soon! Will be in touch soon.
Jessica T
Great experience I was given a gift certificate to see Bethany for a prenatal massage. She is extremely friendly, caring, and professional. She was very attentive to how I felt during the massage. It was all about my comfort level. I cannot wait to go back and I plan on continuing to get massages from her after I have my baby. I definitely recommend her!
Bethany O
THE.BEST.MASSAGES. I tried a bunch of massage places before finding BethanyHealth, and when I did, I rejoiced! I would (and do!) recommend to everyone I love!
Allyn K
Yesterday Feel fine. Want to come to Florida with me. I will try and have a massage while I am away
Michael K
Sarah Rydwansky: the best! Sarah's knowledge of anatomy and physiology are phenomenal. This combined with her professionalism and her sincere commitment to helping people deal with their pain and limitations make her the best massage therapist I have known. She is compassionate and personable. The hour went by much too quickly
Allyn K
Yesterday Thank you. First time in a long time my neck is not killing me. Very tender lady night and today but nothing Advil heat and lots of Wine can't handle. C u in February
Michael K
A true professional Sarah is very knowledgeable and very well trained. She assessed my problem areas and I left feeling restores and pain free
Mel MacDonald
Recent Visit I had a massage with Sarah and it was great! I explained to her that I recently changed job positions and have been experiencing neck and shoulder pain due to long hours in front of a computer as well as pain in my legs from running. She concentrated on these areas and I felt much better after. Two work days have passed and I am still experiencing some pain on the right side of my neck and shoulder so will probably need to make another appointment.
Getting the knots out A friend recommended that I contact Bethany and/or Sarah because I Was soooo uncomfortable and tight in my neck and shoulders, especially. I had never experienced 'cupping' before but my overall experience was excellent. Sarah's pressure was perfect and I was able to get some relief. I'll be back!
Sharon F
Great massage My lower back pain is completely gone:) Feelig so much better, thank you!
Cheryl F
Massage w Sarah Best massage! I could feel the tension leave my back as Sarah worked it through. Feel fabulous!
Livia D
Feeling the DIfference Thank you for helping my hip, back and neck feel SO much better. Thank you!!!
Dennis L
amazing One of the best therapeutic deep tissue massages ive ever had. Very rewarding.
Amy S
Post-Massage & Cupping Euphoria My experience with BethanyHealth and Wellness has been consistent across the board. From world class customer service, effective deep tissue massage, detoxifying cupping and overall care; this team is the best of the best, worth every bit and a giant tip as they go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are getting results and feeling great. I will continue to return as long as they will have me!! This past Tuesday I had a deep tissue w/ cupping from Sarah Burwick. I informed her of the health issues I was working with and she did everything in her power and more to get the energy moving, release stubborn knots in my shoulder upper back area, which in turn has alleviated the chest pains I was frequently having. Wild how it all connects. The cupping was integral in shaking things up. It was intense for sure, but Sarah frequently checked in to make sure I was handling the pressure well. Immediately after the appointment I tipped back a wheatgrass & ginger shot and drank a lot of water. Ahhhh.... The overwhelming sense of euphoria was incredible. I had scheduled a colonic a little later that afternoon; with the idea that I would really detox out everything that Sarah got moving for me. My hydro therapist said Sarah's work allowed my body to have the best release she's ever experienced with me. Days later now I am still buzzing with energy in a very chilled out way: calm & focused. Thank you again Sarah and BethanyHealth and Wellness!! You gals are the best!!
Judy O
Best yet This last massage was the best yet as you not only 'fixed' my lower back pain but you also did a fabulous job on my hands, feet, and head. I feel great!
Sue K
2nd visit BethanyHealth and Wellness is definitely worth a repeat over and over! Thanks
Tom P
Best massage! Clean, professional, friendly and most importantly the massage was the best I've ever had!
Anne M
excellent I have had 2 massages by Bethany. I had never had a massage before and was not sure what to expect. I have some very tight muscles that were in spasm and her treatment has made a difference. I am looking forward to my nest session. She is very attentive to the customer's needs.
Terri M
The BEST!!! Without fail, I always leave my sessions feeling rejuvenated. I also know that changes have occurred in my body that LAST. Thank You Bethany.
Claire H
Best deep tissue massage ever! Bethany does true deep tissue massage. I have such great mobility in my shoulders after just 2 sessions! She works very hard on getting rid of knots in muscles. I can't recommend her enough!
MIRACLE MASSAGE When doctors felt my own option was meds, I chose another option and this place is unbelievable! I come regularly and my pain is managed so well. Bye-bye medicine!
Kim B.
Back Pain Healer Bethany and her team are INCREDIBLE! I have suffered for years from degenerative disc disease and the care and treatment I have received here as been the best! They truly care about their clients and check in on you too. I am so glad I found this place!
Lauren D
Best massage I've had Bethanh took time to talk to me about exactly what I needed before the massage. She worked out all my knots and made sure I was happy and comfortable! Highly recommended!
Larry B
First Time Here on a Groupon I came here because of a Groupon and my back now is the best it has felt in 15 years. I made a follow up appointment and going back. I would recommend Bethany highly to anyone looking for some kind of therapy.
Lisa W
Loved my massage Bethany was the best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of getting a massage from! She really listened to what I had to say, and also what my body was communicating during the massage itself. She was the first person to really work at relieving my tense back, most other therapists shy away from my areas of pain because they are so tight. I can't say enough positive things about my experience at Bethany Health & Wellness. I will definitely be back!!!
Heather S
BethanyHealth and Wellness Wonderful knowledge of the body and how to relieve specific aches and pains.
Jennifer A
Awsome Massage Review of Bethany Simons I highly recommend Bethany. She was so knowledgeable, her treatment was very effective and she really took the time to understand my needs. I immediately booked more sessions with her.
Holly N
Amazing and attentive! Bethany was so helpful in addressing my problem areas. She's so knowledgable and kind- can't wait for my next massage!
Kelly N
Excellent What a great experience!! Exactly what I have been looking for to relieve my headaches and pain from numerous acccidents! Bethany knew exactly where to find the points that were bothering me and I felt so relaxed and pain-free by the time I left. Can't wait for my visit again next month!!
Emmie M
Awesome! So glad I got this Groupon. Bethany was fantastic - I will definitely go back!
Jacquelyn B
Pure comfort I felt comfortable the entire time during my massage. The clean environment was very relaxing and welcoming. I would definitely recommend BethanyHealth to my friends and family.
Helen G
Listens and Follows Through! Almost any massage therapist will ask about pain points, but Bethany not only asked, she listened and followed through! After my first massage with her, areas that have been problems before were for the first time measurably better after the massage. I immediately books more appointments.
Penelope B
Wonderful Bethany does a very thorough and knowledgeable massage. She spent quite a bit of time on the tight parts of my back and neck, and overall those spots loosened up quite a bit. I wished I'd had more time, but had to leave for another appointment, so I booked a second massage. Highly recommended!
Lien L
Deep Tissue Massage Bethany was extremely friendly and my massage was great. However I been feeling a lot of ache and pain on my neck and upper back. I'm not sure if it was because Bethany worked extra hard on those areas but I have had similar massages at other places and never encounter the pain. I'm hoping it will go away soon.
Michelle B
One of the best massages I've ever had All I can say is wow. She's the real deal. Bethany is professional and did everything I wanted: warm table, relaxing music, no talking and firm pressure. I used to be a massage therapist so I may have higher expectations than most...Put it this way, when it was time to get dressed, I put my clothes on backwards because I was so relaxed! Luckily I figured it out before I left the room. I'll definitely be back.
Stacey S
Wonderful massage! I have a lot of knots to work out in my upper back and Bethany got right in there to work on them! I found her to be the most knowledgeable MT that I've been too! Will be going back again soon! Thank you!!
Lisa F
massage with intention I probably get 4-5 massages a year and this one was fantastic. Bethany did a great job. Often massage theripists will go through the motions or run down their check list of body parts while working. Bethany really responded to my body while working and focused on problem areas with intention. She is dedicated to her practice and is very professional. She has a strong touch which works for me. Also she used minimal product and when she did it was coconut oil which I really appreciated. She is super nice and very personal. You won't be disappointed.
Amy D
excellent great deep tissue massage. exactly what I need.
Jeanne M
I now know what I have been missing! I booked an appointment with Bethany for my first ever massage and I have to say she was fantastic. She made me feel at ease and answered every question I had about the different techniques and found her to be very knowledgeable. I had plenty of muscle tension and knots from starting a new workout for the last couple of months and stress,she got them all out,I was so relaxed. I feel great and will definitely visit her again.
Leah B
Great Experience Thank you Bethany, what a truly relaxing experience. Make sure you book with Bethany..she's simply amazing. I've had massage at numerous spas and this is still the most outstanding I've ever had. Bethany's talent is that she is extremely in tune with her customers and their needs...if it's just allover relaxation they're looking for or have pains/issues that need special attention. The spa is inviting, relaxing, convenient and a great value. I'll be back!
Great massage Bethany gave me a wonderful massage that completely restored me. My back was so tense & she put her all into making my muscles relax. So helpful after all the shoveling I've done!
p t h
massage My first visit to Bethany's and it will be the first of many more in the future! I have already booked my next appt. Excellent, professional experience.
Massage It was one of the best! Bethany worked on specific problem areas and for now my pain is gone!!
Jennifer K
Customized, detailed, educational and relaxing Bethany is delightful. Very easy to talk so, and she listens to what you're looking for while offering her take on things. She focused on what turned out to be a LOT of knots in my back, more than half of them I didn't even know were there. Sometimes it hurt a bit, but I love that feeling. You know some progress is being made when you can really feel it. She is full of knowledge on so many things, like styles of massage and what types of herbs/creams to use. I was very impressed, really great find thanks to groupon.
Susan L
Massage I give 2 thumbs up excellent work done on my back and very good at explaining what was going on. Then gave lots of info on what to do to help my problem areas. Would love to go back when I ge the money.
Sheryl G
Wow! I had a great massage and introduction to "cupping". Thank you so much!
Lorraine E
The best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced! Sarah was awesome. She took the time to ask me questions prior to my treatment to ensure that she really captured what my particular areas of concern were. I have never had such a therapuetic treatment...two days post massage and feel great! I made sure that I didn't leave the building without making another appointment with Sarah!
lauren b
Massage Excellent massage by Shelley, quiet serene atmosphere
Review Massage was one of the best ones I've had.
Nice Experience I had an hour massage, the masseuse was very nice and the massage was good. Not too deep tissue but good overall
Kenneth A
Very Pleased I'm a very active senior not accustomed to physical setbacks but recently developed sciatica symptoms which I tried to handle on my own for several weeks. I was grumpy, uncomfortable and stubborn and nothing I did worked. Bethany to the rescue. OMG -- 24 hours after a deep tissue, trigger point, neuromuscular, etc. etc. session, I feels world's better. I am going back for more next week. Bethany knows what she is doing and is great. If you are suffering, call her today. Thank me later.
Josh W
Massage Great experience I'll be back<--
Ellen L
Massage Massage gave me some pain relief.
Josh W
Massage Great experience I'll be back<--
fabulous Have been in a better place since Sarah's massage. Very skilled, intuitive massage.
Jim B
I enjoyed my massage greatly! None
Sarah was Awesome Sarah was my massage therapist last Monday and she was awesome. Along with a great massage she recommended several stretched I can do in the interim to improve my tense muscles.
Erin M
Great Massage - comfortable welcoming atmosphere I just had a massage here a week and a half ago and it was AMAZING! Shelley was great and had me at ease right away. I am a very nervous nelly so I generally don't do things like massage, but I was very relaxed the whole time and still feel great from all the work she did!
Pamela P
First Timer Loved my first massage! Very calm atmosphere; I felt great afterwards. Highly recommend Bethany.
Outstanding massage! Bethany is absolutely amazing! I was looking for someone who does labor inducing massage and was so impressed by the reviews people had written about Bethany. I had the feeling that I had found the right person. Sure enough, I was right! I went to Bethany the day before my due date in the afternoon. She had explained all the options available to me for inducing labor via phone and email. She tailored the massage to do just what I was comfortable with. It was very relaxing and put me in a great state of mind. By 8:12 the next morning I was having contractions and at 3:09 pm my beautiful daughter was born after a relatively easy delivery (and she was 8 pounds 15 ounces!). I returned to Bethany almost two weeks later for a post-natal massage which was also phenomenal. It was the perfect combination of working out the areas of tension and total relaxation. I will continue to go to Bethany monthly and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a fabulous massage!
Sal L
Relaxed and Pain Free Shelley's massage hit the mark. Besides making me feel completely relaxed, she worked on my shoulder and hip so that I left free from all aches and pains in those troubled areas. I've already scheduled a repeat visit.
Doris W
Amazing I took my mother to Bethany for a birthday massage and she came out looking and feeling refreshed. Definitely would do it again. The studio environment is very soothing for those in the waiting lounge as well.
Pamela M
Depp tissue massage really enjoyed my massage. I would highly recommend this massage spa!
Nancy P
one of the best The atmosphere is calming, the place is clean and inviting. Mandy's massage was one of the best I've had…always asked about the pressure. Loved the warm bed. I'll go back.
Jessica W
Highly recommend! I had a fantastic deep tissue/cupping massage from Sarah. She is very knowledgeable about the body and listened to my needs. I will definitely recommend BethanyHealth to my friends.
Great expereince Sarah was wonderful. Really knowledgeable. The place itself is cute and clean. I would go back for sure.
Marcia G
awesome massage I tried Bethany Health for a massage as I am suffering from sciatica. What an improvement in just one session. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. I will return and recommend to my friends!
Lydia S
Groupon Swedish Massage Review of Shelley Berube Shelley was pleasant and asked what needed work. Thank you. Office is nice and relaxing.
Lance D
Perfect Just what I needed somebody that is good, cares and understands what needs to be done with a beat up ex sports body. Thanks Bethany appreciate it. LLD
Cathy S
Deep tissue body massage I was referred to Bethany Health & Wellness by a friend that believes in deep tissue massages to help with muscle aches and pains. So I considered it and have had 3 so far for my lower back pain. I can't say the massages didn't hurt because they did at times but after each one my back didn't bother me so much. I still have some issues and can only hope in time, with the exercises and stretches I was given it will be get better. Thank you.
Debbie F
Great! Very relaxing. Can't wait to go back. Very pleased.
Mary Kate
1 hour cupping massage Sarah is very professional and did an excellent job. I will be a returning client,
Very therapeutic felt loosening of my areas that needed help and increase in circulation for healing
Cathy S
Back Massage This was my first deep tissue massage and I can't get over the great results from it. The following day my back felt as good as new. I'm now a true believer of deep tissue massages. Thank you.
Excellent My back had a lot of knots in it and after Bethany worked her magic it felt a little better. Now I just need to book another visit!
jenn o
the best I've been to many massage therapists Bethany is by far the best and a sweetheart!
steve r
nicole k
Massage I got an absolutely amazing massage from Bethany. I am recovering from a recent neck injury and after the massage I felt so much better. She really focused on the exact problem areas and worked out most of the problem. It was the best massage I've ever had and I will definitely be coming back.
Michael K
A great experience. I have seen Sarah several times now and will be a regular client. She is knowledgeable, remembers my specific problem areas and is just a genuinely nice person.
Kate N
Deep Tissue w/Sarah Review of Sarah Burwick had a wonderful cupping massage, was my first time doing this technique, great Job Sarah!!!!
Deb S
Tremendous Back Relief I loved my message from Bethany. She is one of those people you feel like you've known for ever. She is easy to talk to and knows her stuff. I had strained my back moving and had seen a chiropractor 3 times, and had a message a week ago with another message therapist. After my message with Bethany, my pain level went from an 8 to a 3. I felt so much better I cancelled my next chiropractic appointment and booked another message with Bethany. After the message I felt so loose and had such an improved range of motion, I was shocked. My body/back was so relaxed and I felt so mellowed out. My muscles weren't screaming, my back was finally quiet. Before my message yesterday, my back was such a mess it took me a while to stand up straight after sitting. Today I'm able to push a vacuum. I probably shouldn't...but I can. There are not enough words to say how much better I feel. Describing the results of Bethany's message is sort of like trying to describe the Grand Canyon, you can't…you just have to go and experience. Amazing!
Judith B
Sarah is an excellent massage therapis Review of Sarah Burwick Sarah gave me an exceptional massage and did cupping on my back this time. She is skilled and knowledgeable. Another great massage from Sarah! Thank you.
Laura L
Awesome Very impressed with your knowledge and genuine caring. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during my session.
Mike Nasif
Best The only place I go for massage therapy
Hannah P
FABULOUS Had a great first experience with massage at Bethany Health and Wellness!! Felt great after and definitely enjoyed the experience!
Michael K
The best therapeutic massage I saw Sarah and after telling her about my injuries she addressed my specific problem areas and I left pain-free. I would highly recommend.
Kimberly L
No Pain NO Gain WOW!> thank you so much for the massage you gave me...My shoulders and my lower back felt immediately better after leaving your table.. I look forward to working with you to get my body to a place where I can manage my pain more effectively
Don B
Regular Customer I have been a monthly customer of Bethany's for the last year. The treatment is great and Bethany tailors each appt. to what YOU want.
Heather T
Very theraputic I recommend Bethany from Bethany Health and Wellness. Her deep tissue massage helps relieve the knots and stress in my shoulders and back from typing all day. She even found some knots I didn't know I had! I feel better for days after every appointment.
marjorie m
Sara Review of Sarah Burwick excellent deep tissue massage.
Linda W
Deep tissue massage Back-shoulders/neck
Linda W
Deep tissue massage Bethany gave me an exceptional massage customized to my needs. She provided the intense pressure I needed and left me wanting to come back every day!!!
Jean R
Great massage Thanks, Bethany - the massage really helped!
Sheila M
massage excellent and relaxing experience.
Cher-Marie T
Individualized care Massages customized to your personal comfort. Very friendly staff!
Mary T
Great Massage! I really felt like I had a massage and my whole body felt better after. Got all of the knots out and worked on specific areas to help me. Well worth it and I will certainly return again.
Mike N
Best massage Best place to go. Helping me with my injuries
Robert P
excellent First time visit. Will definitely be back.
Jim B
The personal care I received went beyond the fantastic massage. Yes the massage was fantastic, the conversations were engaging, after the massage she took the time to show me exercises and stretches I could do on my own to relieve my stress and help with an ongoing foot problem.
Cheryl O
Great Massage! I have returned several times to Sarah, and always leave feeling great! Thank you!
Elaine Garvey
Massage! My appointment was with Sylvia.I have fibromyalgia and I had the best massage of my life! She was used just the right amount of pressure to help me feel less pain and relax. She was friendly and considerate frequently checking with me to be sure I was 100% comfortable. I highly recommend Sylvia and Bethany's.
Thomas R
massage was excellent The massage was excellent, the environment in terms of comfort could be better..very compressed..didn't care for the coco butter especially in my hair..
Jerry P
Great Massage I had a great Massage and am very happy. Jerry
Karen P
AMAZING!!! Review of Bethany Simons Bethany was amazing. I've been experiencing some major foot pain and after one session with Bethany I can already feel the difference. I will be back again, and again, and again!!!!!
Koren M
Wonderful Experience My first visit to BethanyHealth was wonderful. Both Bethany and Sarah were very kind and knowledgeable. The massage itself was top notch and relaxing. I was sure to make a return appointment immediately.
Don B
Found What I Need The type of massage Bethany applies releases all knots in the muscular system, usually for me, built up stress.
Mitch M
Outstanding massage I have to admit that I have not had massage in quite a while. My experience earlier this week has convinced me that I need to get a message a regular basis. It was so relaxing, calming and de-stressing, that I not only felt better physically, but also mentally.
Susan A
I love Bethany! Review of Bethany Simons I had a fabulous massage with Bethany.
Meaghan D
Just the work I needed! Review of Bethany Simons Bethany was great and focused on all the areas I needed. I feel great today! Ill be back:)
Cheryl O
I keep coming back! Review of Sarah Burwick Love the treatment here at Bethany Health & Wellness. All efforts on personalizing your time and care are followed through. a welcome treat!
Ray F
Excellent therapist Review of Bethany Simons Bethany is completely professional, very knowledgeable, and exceptionally skilled. She works wonders.
jackie d
massage Review of Bethany Simons Great massage from Bethany! I will be going back.
Amy P
Amazing Massage Review of Bethany Simons I had a wonderful experience at Bethany Health and Wellness. My massage was amazing, my shoulders feel wonderful and I look forward to coming back. Bethany made me feel extremely comfortable and even gave me tips on different stretches I can do to relieve tension. Thank you!
Lisa S
My best massage Review of Bethany Simons I have to say that I am very happy with the massages I receive and would go every week if I could afford it. The initial appointment was great in setting expectations and understanding my problem areas. Personally, I have never had a message so relaxing with stress reduction and feel like I could fall asleep when it's happening. I have gone twice now and the massage is very consistent. I would recommend for anyone who really wants to relieve stress and tension. I think you need to be very clear on the amount of pressure you want because it will make the difference in your satisfaction. Bethany is great I intend to recommend her to all my friends and family.
My back is back! Review of Bethany Simons I mentioned to Bethany that I think I have a disc problem. She worked around it and asked me if she could try something. I left there with a new back!
Judith B
Massage with Sarah Review of Sarah Burwick Excellent!!!
Massage made a difference in "my" well being Review of Bethany Simons Bethany took the time to consult with me about my expectations and needs. She advised that it might require deep tissue measures which it did. I worked with her during the process to do the breathing to work through a number of mucular knots and tightness. I left knowing my body was feeling relief in many spots, actually felt taller and definately had better balance doing my yoga poses the next day . Going back for additional work next week. Well worh the visit and the time.
best massage Review of Bethany Simons i have seen many massage therapists over the years and bethany is by far the best
Bennie P
Thanks for making our vacation a relaxed one. Massage services at Bethany Health and Wellness was a perfect addition to our vacation schedule while visiting Boston. Very professional staff that accomodated our schedule. Most highly recommend.
Massage Review of Bethany Simons Excellent massage. I felt great.
Pat B
great great
Andrea H
Monday's massage Review of Bethany Simons Hi Bethany! We both know that Monday's massage took care of quite a few knots, but being the person in the body that was feeling the pain... My hips and lower back are so much more free. The pain is gone, my range of motion is much, much better and I am now able to get back to strengthening--while I make sure to stretch gently as well of course. Thank you so much!
Great Place! Great atmosphere, great music, great massage!!
Jean W
Excellent Review of Bethany Simons Bethany is the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. She is very thorough and able to get all of the knots out of my shoulders and back. She is the cure for my tension headaches!
Erin M
Amazing amazing amazing Review of Bethany Simons Bethany is beyond talented - her touch is effective, healing and restorative. She has a natural gift for bringing peace and relief to your entire body. All I can say is I can't imagine ever going to another masseuse after seeing Bethany!
Bethany O
Sarah is a miracle worker! I would recommend BethanyHealth and Wellness to anyone! Sarah is professional and a very talented massage therapist. She was able to give me a much deeper massage than many other places I have been, which is what I wanted. I'm hooked!
Love, Love, Love! Review of Bethany Simons I'm so glad that I found Bethany! She works on my problem areas and has given me some suggestions on how to stretch the muscles (until my next appointment).
tim g
Massage My experience at BethanyHealth was really enjoyable. It was relaxing and soothing. So much so that I already booked an appointment for my wife. Hi highly recommend trying them out .
marjorie m
Massage The best massage I've ever had.
Joanne S
Absolute Nirvana! This has to be one of the most beneficial massages I have ever had. In addition to feeling totally relaxed, my range of motion has improved considerably. I truly believe this is one of the best gifts that you could give to yourself or to someone you love.
Happy with service Had a great massage and have already booked another appointment. The location is good and the physical space is very clean and comfortable. Would recommend to a friend.
Bethany O
Wonderful! I had a great experience and truly relaxing massage at BethanyHealth! I booked my next appointment right after the first one was done! Would recommend this to all friends :)
The best She's one of the best.Takes all needs of the person in account
D. Trav
Awesome If you want someone to work out your knots, then Bethany is the one to see. I was late due to traffic and she still gave me a full 1.5 hour massage. Definitely a hidden gem!
Taelese  L
A big fan... I am a huge fan of deep tissue massage and feel as though I have hit the lottery by finding Bethany! I have tried so many places and various therapists and no one else has consistently exceeded my expectations like Bethany has. I am grateful that she pursued massage therapy as a career because she most certainly has a gift! She does a magnificent job at working out the knots and delivering an overall sense of relaxation and well being. Bethany's strength, endurance, and love of her profession is apparent in every aspect of her technique. Quite simple the BEST!!
Gary M
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST I have been going to massage therapists for relief of pain for some years. It is very unique to find a person who takes the concentration and thorough philosophy that i have received from Bethany. After every visit i am astounded at the amount of relief from chronic pain that i have been experiencing for years. I have recommended Bethany to many friends and they agree with me that Bethany is the best massage therapist they have ever been to. The treatment for me has been a life altering experience in that is has allowed me to entertain the ideas of activities that i have put aside for some years now. I am now able to do work that i had been avoiding and am looking forward to skiiing and golfing again. I was immobilized with the pain and am soooo much better now. I recommend Bethany to EVERYONE!!!
Great Massage by Sarah I had a massage by Sarah. She used a comfortable amount of pressure that worked the muscles, but didn't cause you to feel pain. She worked all part of my body; paying more attention to stress areas. Overall I felt great after it. I would recommend Sarah.
Great Massage was great and felt like a new person after!
Carol M
Great massage I'm very picky in terms of massage having been a massage therapist myself. I thought Bethany was wonderful. She listened to my needs and the pressure was great. Thanks so much!
maryellen s
great massage Had my first massage at Bethany Health with Sarah. Wonderful treatment, very customized, Peaceful,relaxing atmosphere. Looking forward to next appointment.
Tanisha W
Awesome!!!! Review of Sarah Burwick My experience at BethanyHealth was great. The atmosphere was pleasant and the therapist--Sarah Burwick was awesome. I will definitely be back for treatment. The Groupon I purchased was well worth it. Thanks Sarah!!!!
Judith B
Sarah Exceptional massage. Sarah is thorough, knowledgeable and skilled.
Mary Beth B
Massage Sarah provides a great massage. She finds the areas that need extra attention and is able to focus in these areas .I highly recommend Sarah and cannot wait for next massage.
my massage I have been going to Bethany Health for almost a year now and my over all treatments & over all health has been outstanding.The individualized care has helped my issuses so much.....The over all care and the space is outstanding and I can"t wait to go and always feel so much better ...
my massage I have been going to Bethany Health for almost a year now and my over all treatments & over all health has been outstanding.The individualized care has helped my issuses so much.....The over all care and the space is outstanding and I can"t wait to go and always feel so much better ...
Kathleen L
AMAZING one of the best massages I have ever had!
Judith B
Massage Therapist- Sarah Sarah was wonderful. She shared knowledge, which help me with various issues I'm having with my body. Not overly talkative. I thoroughly appreciated the work she did on me. She gave me good advice and I will be seeing her again in July, (wish it was sooner). thank you
Michael Q
Happy client Sarah is extremely competent at what she does. I left the massage feeling relaxed and loose. I was actually able to turn my head and see out the back window when backing out of the parking space
almost a year now so every time i go i like it better and better and having to miss a few months has once again shown me how importance it is for my over all health ( my monthly visit) now I have also had both therapies and both have taking the time to listen to my needs great place ...
Bethany O
Sarah is AMAZING! This is my third time seeing Sarah, and once again, she gave me the best massage I've ever had. She is attentive, checks in to make sure the pressure is right, and was even patient and gracious when I was running late! I have and will continue to recommend Bethany Health and Wellness to friends!!
richard a
Masssage with Sarah I can truthfully say that I have always enjoyed massages regardless of where they were done, however, a message by Sarah is much more than simply a relaxing experienece. She TRULY has a knowledge of the body and of the specific reasons that areas have discomfort and has a way of concentrating on the actual pain in a way that yields REAL results after the message is over. It is still a wonderfully etherial physical experience which is a complete relaxing massage but if you are looking for a benefit of relief and education regarding discomfort and ways to improve how you feel in addition, I highly recommend her services.
Excellent Services Review of Sarah Burwick Very professional and thorough. The best massage I have had!
Mary Beth B
Awesome I was so pleased with the massage provided by Sarah. She worked really hard on my back/neck and provided great deep tissue work. My neck and back has felt better since my massage. I appreciate the effort provided by Sarah and will look forward to my next massage. Thank you
Lisa L
2 thumbs up! I have had many massages over the years and I found Sarah's massage to be one of the best I've had. She seems very knowledgeable of the anatomy of the muscles, she was attentive to my preferences as well as my comfort. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like a good therapeutic massage.
Brian F
Perfect The experience couldn't be better I just wish she wasn't so popular so that I could go more often
Nicole L
By far the best I'm so happy that I found Bethany and Sarah. They are by far the best massage therapists that I have seen. I tend to have very tightly knotted muscles and Bethany and Sarah are really able to provide me with relief and both have suggested stretches tailored to my needs. I really believe seeing Bethany or Sarah regularly is an investment in my health.
Best deep tissue ever I have had a lot of massages in my time. I have one per month and don't mind going to different place. I may have to stop that. Sara has a special talent for this. My second massage, after I stained my back was even better than the first. I know I'm not an easy case and both my lower back and shoulders are tight as can be and in both massages I have left there feeling as lose as I have ever felt. I play a lot of hoops and have never felt such an immediate difference in flexibility. I will be back again and again. She is very nice and gice a lot of great advise and well. You can't do better.
Michael Q
Great Service From the lighting to the music to the warm sheets/blankets it was a wonderful experience. I left there completely relaxed and de-stressed.
Adrian P
Great massage I would return for another massage treatment i was very clean and relaxing . I was very happy with my massage and I am looking forward to my next appointment. I wish I didn't have to wait a month and 1/2 for it. But, I will :)
Cheryl O
One of the best massages.ever. Thank you for a great massage. The deep tissue left me feeling like putty; reshaped and exhilarated.
Erin Madore
Amazing experience Bethany is absolutely incredible. I had a massage with her on Saturday morning and it was the best of my life. She read my body and understood what areas needed to be focused on (mainly my shoulders and upper back). She took her time and did an amazing job working out my kinks without hurting me. The best part, is her warmth and kindness - she's simply amazing at her job and I can't wait to go back.
Dot E
Looking for a great massage - look no further. Review of Sarah Burwick Check Sarah out. Only if you want a great massage.
Shay B
Massage Great massage. Would not have found Bethany without groupon. Would definitely go back.
Melanie H
Massage 90 minute Met with Sarah for a 90 minute massage and it was wonderful! I highly recommend her service...strong but not too strong (unless you want her to be!) and I felt great after! Thank you Sarah!
Kristyn Krolikowski
75 Minute Massage Review of Bethany Simons I found the massage to be relaxing and beneficial. Bethany listened to my specific needs and worked on my knots without generating excessive discomfort. She maintained a soothing atmosphere and was attentive to generating the optimal experience for me. Furthermore, the location of massage was very convenient for me.